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INFLUENCES: Steel Pulse, Dezarie, Third World, Bob Marley, to name a few..

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The Band

Riddim Shot is a reggae band, based in Toulouse, France, and formed in July 2017.

With a fusion of different genres we have been able to adapt our styles to bring a gentle mix of pop, soul, blues, jazz, funk on a roots reggae twist,  providing "one drop" drumming, roots bass line and skank. We happily remember our first "pull up" in London, Brixton.


William J.A.


William has 30 years of experience playing west indian and afro music. In Martinique (island from the west-indies where he grew up) he used to sneak behind his dad's back to play on his guitar. 

He has played reggae covers in a band called Stardust and has also played french caribbean covers with Take Five Band.


Leslie Jenny


Leslie J originally came from Reunion Island (near Mauritius), and began playing bass 10 years ago. She sung in a gospel choir "Gospel Walk" for 2 years and also played Latino, Cumbia, Tango with Alumine Guerrero and had the opportunity to perform a mazurka (a music style from the west indies) in studio recording.


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